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You want to get acquainted with a foreigner for marriage, but you are tormented by vague doubts: "Does a Russian woman need a foreigner?" Of course no one will give a 100% guarantee that every foreigner will get acquainted with you exclusively for marriage. But to dispel doubts, let's think about whom thousands of foreigners are looking for on our international dating site.

After all, there are many women in the West too, and it's much easier to get to know them, do not invest so much time and money in this acquaintance. But women and girls of marriageable age from Western countries are now mostly independent and emancipated business ladies. They are completely independent, able to be financially independent of men, dress exceptionally practical (pantsuit, jeans, not miniskirts), make-up is rarely used. For many of them, work and careers have come to the fore, so when a family or job faces a choice, they often choose work.

So why do Western men get acquainted for marriage with Russian women?

It should be noted that most of the Western men registered on the international dating site are men aged 30-45 years. At this age, a man already wants to have his family, home comfort and care for a loved one, and children too. Therefore, one of the reasons why foreigners are looking for a marriage of Russian women is that our women since childhood are focused more on the family than on work. Of course they can work, but at the same time and bring up children, and create coziness in the house, and love her husband. And by marrying a Russian a Western man acquires not only a wife and a mistress, but also a nanny to his children, a cook and a housekeeper, and this all in one person.

The second and important reason is that Slavic women not only differ from the West with their natural beauty, but they constantly monitor themselves, they are ready to give the last money for high-quality make-up or fashion accessories, and to go to "people" without make-up at all very few people is solved. Therefore, if a foreigner gets acquainted for a marriage with a Russian woman on an international dating site, where he can choose a beautiful woman in his eyes from a photograph, then, naturally, he mentally presents himself with her on the street or among friends who sneakly cast envious glances at him.

Another important reason for some Western men to seek for a Russian woman's marriage when his wealth is not very significant in the understanding of his countrymen. And since many foreigners have a stereotype about the terrible poverty of provincial Russian women, he believes that in the eyes of his Russian lady will look like a real rich man. What kind of man will refuse the role of Rockefeller in his family.

The next reason, on the one hand, may be important for a certain type of Western men, and on the other, it can become a barrier to a Russian woman on her way to getting acquainted with foreigners for marriage – this is a very big dependence of these women on her foreign husband. A Russian wife abroad often has very few rights, so even a child born in a marriage can not always claim a divorce. She is completely dependent on her husband, has no home, has no money, it is very difficult for her to get a job, and if you add ignorance of the language … Of course, if a man is a character by nature, then the situation when he decides what he should do wife, how much to give her money and what to buy can not help but amuse his vanity.

Among other reasons, it should also be noted that the presence of higher education in many Russian women, which, other things being equal, can attract the attention of Western men with ordinary secondary education. Also it must be said about the possibility for a man aged about 50 or older to marry a woman younger than him by 15-20, or even 25 years. Such an opportunity for him can only give registration on an international dating site, since in his country a bride with a similar age difference he will not find. Or, for example, foreign bridegrooms having children. In many countries, such fiances of local women are not interested at all. Do not want foreign women to take care of and responsibility for other people's children. And most Russian women are able to love such a man and his children and try to replace their mother.

So is it worth to get acquainted with men on international dating sites? Yes, if you firmly decided that you will get acquainted with foreigners for marriage! After all, most men on this site as well as you want to create a warm and cozy home. The main thing is to believe in yourself, in your beauty, your mind, your charm. And the fact that a happy marriage with a foreigner is possible is proved by numerous reviews of women who found their destiny on our ukrainian brides site!

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